Pre-school Activities

For a learning activity and plain activity, I took the boys outside and drew shapes all over our driveway.  We then played games of yelling out a shape and everyone running to the right shape.  (I had drawn three of each so that Will, Drew, and I always had a shape to jump onto.)  I then let Will call out shapes that we had to jump to.  He seemed to really enjoy it.  Afterwards, I made a hop-scotch with chalk.  We then played in the sand box and rode little cars around.  Even Luke got to ride up and down the driveway on a little car, with Mommy’s assistance.  Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.

Boys That Don’t Like To Sleep

My boys don’t like to sleep.  They awaken at 6:45 a.m. and don’t fall asleep until 10:00 p.m.  They awaken, singing, yelling, stomping, and throwing things.  They fall asleep, yelling at each other to stop talking.  It is really kind of amusing, except for the fact that the attitudes aren’t right and they are disobeying us at the bed time.  The crazy thing is that the boys then complain that they are tired and they are grumpy.  If only they would sleep more!

Hair Cuts

I gave all three boys hair cuts last night.  It was quite the challenge as the entire time I was cutting their hair, Drew was crying, wiping his face, and moving his head from side-to-side.  Luke was moving all around, batting the scissors away, and sucking on the sink.  Will was brushing his hair away and moving a bit, but he was the easiest.  It’s quite the challenge to have decent hair cuts when you are cutting “moving targets.”

Run, Ma! Run!

Yesterday, I took the boys outside like normal to run off their energy.  At least, I thought they were going to do the running, but things turned out a a little differently…  I had all three boys riding on their little cars.  I pushed Luke and helped hold him on.  Will decided to take off to the neighbors’ in his car.  I told him to stop, but he thought it sounded fun to have Mommy chase after him.  (I think the boys decided that going outside was to have Mommy run off her “energy.”)  When my stern call for Will to turn around was ignored, I knew that I had to quickly retrieve my son.  Sometimes, I have refused to get him so as to not look like the fool but have found that my son becomes even harder to retrieve.  He knows he gets double trouble if he doesn’t come when he’s called and if we have to go after him.  Anyway, he was in “double trouble.”  The challenge was that I had to grab Luke from his car and then run up the sidewalk after Will.  Luke thought it was great.  He was being bounced around as he ran.  If it wasn’t for the fact that I was the Mommy, I think I would have been chuckling just like my neighbor lady.  She tells me that in her generation kids weren’t so bad as they are today.  As I was running after my son, while he was laughing and the son in my arms was laughing and my neighbor was laughing, I was wishing that I had short-term memory loss.  My attempts to tire the boys only seem to succeed in tiring me out.  Boy do I wish that someone would put me down for a nap.  🙂