My Day

My day started with nursing the baby, then changing him, changing the older boys, and having Will go potty.  Following that, it was getting everyone breakfast and then feeding myself.  Keeping the boys in the high chairs with stuff to entertain them while I got a quick shower.  They awaken too early to shower normally before they awaken.  Then come back down, get the boys down, make a call regarding my dress that needs to be alterred, call about Pre-school stuff (two more calls), call about finding babysitting for two events, call about a hair apt., and try to order blinds.  In between these calls, answered a call from a friend.  Trying to talk to her, while intercepting children who are fighting.  Feeding the baby again, sending the boys outside to play, reviewing rules before they go outside, watching the boys, bringing the boys inside for disobeying a rule, taking them back outside, reminding them again of rules, bringing them again for fighting and biting, still trying to order blinds for the boys’ room (since they broke their old ones), trying to unload dishwasher, constantly checking on boys to see what they are doing, feeding the boys lunch, getting the boys to clean up their toys (that always takes awhile), finally getting the boys upstairs, changing a second round of dirty diapers for the youngest two, getting Will to sit on the potty, reading to Drew, picking up Luke from crib so I can calm him while I read to Will, checking on Drew again, heading back downstairs to feed baby food to Luke, answering the phone regarding information I needed, going back upstairs to check on Will who is crying from trying to climb over the gate and falling, getting Will situated again, going back downstairs to check on Luke who is now asleep, finishing dishes, cleaning my bathroom so it’s ready for company, answering the phone regarding our company bringing veggies tonight, and finally sitting down to type on my blog.  Phew…!  That doesn’t include a complete list, but that was my constant activity.  Constant because I have to be constantly checking on my boys.  Luke managed to pull the gate down twice on himself today, get run over by a chair, and fall and bang his head on the mirror.  Poor baby!  Yes, I was checking on them all a lot, but with little active boys it is a “whirlwind” of activity.  If you are laughing because you know exactly what I mean, you probably have children of similar dispositions or activity levels.  If you can’t relate, you probably can’t…  🙂  I am getting ready to head upstairs to check on Will again and to have devotions and to review my memory verse for this week so I can quote it to my friend.  Then, I may get a nap in.  Oh yes, I just realized I had completely forgotten supper so I set some things out to thaw.

Jonathan’s schedule has been busy too.  Last night, we went to the store to price toilets and sinks for the kitchen purifier since our boys have broken both items.  I am longing to have a working toilet and clean water again to taste.  I can’t stand city water!

2 thoughts on “My Day

  1. We should go grocery shopping together sometime. I only have one boy, but he is indeed a whirlwind. By the end of the trip, it’s a constant, “Seth come here.”; “Seth, don’t touch that person.”; “No, Seth, you’re not getting that, come here!”

    Tabitha is usually ok and Patricia is the one strapped into the cart.

    With all of your consistence, you really should start to see some fruit of your labor soon. Hang in there!

  2. mommyofboyz

    Michelle, thank you! We do at times see positive results. This too shall pass… My kids aren’t ogres but definitely sinners. So am I… 🙂

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