Family Exercises

Tonight, we had fun as a family doing exercises together, playing “Hot Potato,” and then reading by flash light under a makeshift tent on our bed.  The boys had fun and so did Mom and Dad!  Jonathan and I laughed as we watched our silly boys get easily distracted from playing “Hot Potato” to throwing our “potato” in the air, out the door, and chasing it while falling all over each other.  Exercies were just as ridiculous with Luke climbing all over me or planting himself right underneath me so that I couldn’t properly do my exercises to the older boys climbing all over Jonathan as he tried to do push-ups.  It really was funny and even funnier if we could have taped it and played it later in FF.  These are the times though that really help a family to bond.  Laughing together and just having fun together is so important!

We ended our day with reading to the boys on our bed, while they made makeshift tunnels under our covers.  Jonathan read by flash light.  The boys enjoyed this, but it is crazy trying to get them to sit still.  They were tumbling all over us and each other.  Silly boys!

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