“Sorry, Jesus!”

Drew has been saying on his own, “Sorry, Jesus,” when he does something naughty.  That is always encouraging to hear.  If only he and his brother would desire to do right.  It seems like they revel in being disobedient and naughty instead.  I really have to “hang onto” those positive sayings and actions so that I see that some progress has been made.  Ultimately, we pray for a heart change — their salvations — and at early ages.


Yesterday was another of those days, and today hasn’t been too different…!  While I was nursing the baby in my bedroom, I could hear some noise from the boys’ bedroom.  I hoped they were just getting their books out to read.  (We have only hard-back books for them to read so that they don’t rip pages, which they’ve been known to do.)  As soon as I was able to get to them, I opened their door and knew that trouble had occurred.  I could smell the strong smell of some type of detergent or shampoo.  I found Will standing on top of the washing machine.  He had scaled our gate — not an easy kind to climb over since it has only vertical slats.  He was standing on top of the washing machine with a huge mess at his feet.  He had unrolled an entire roll of paper towels and mixed in with them was an entire new bottle of baby wash/shampoo, which I had bought to replace another bottle he had dumped month(s) earlier.  Mixed in with that mess were Q-tips, cotton balls, Desitin, Vaseline, and medicine containers.  Thankfully, he hadn’t eaten the medicine — just managed to pull them out of boxes.  Glad for child-proof caps!  The Desitin was smeared all over the rocking chair and cushions.  The baby wash/shampoo was dumped all over the washing machine, changing pad, rocking chair, floor, paper towels, and sink.  What a huge mess!  It took me awhile to clean it up.  I rearranged my laundry room so that everything is on top of the wardrobe, minus diapers and toilet paper in the cupboard above the washing machine.  So, he could still make a mess if he decides to unroll all those toilet paper rolls, but at least he can’t hurt himself as he could with medicines, shampoos, Desitin, and laundry cleaning products.

During nap time, Drew made his own mess.  I heard noise when he was supposed to be napping so I checked on him and found this mess: he had taken a picture off the wall (one I got for our anniversary this year from my mother-in-law), ripped the backing off and then ripped the picture to shreds.  I found him trying to rehang just the glass part and frame.  Ugh!

During Will’s nap time, I checked on him and found that he had removed the decorations on the shelf above the crib and dumped them in his bed (“to play with”).

This morning, I went to get the boys up, only to find that they had dumped all their clothes from their dresser onto the floor.  I made them clean it up with many protests on their parts.  Will thought it was a lot of work.  I told him that when he wanted to make a mess again, I hoped he’d remember how much work it is to clean it up because I was only going to make him clean it up each time.