I wish that I could remember all of the funny things the boy say and do, but here are some recents:

Will had just gone potty and said, “I’m impressed!  Look at all my pee.”

Drew was walking around the house with spit bubbles all over his mouth, saying, “I’m blowing bubbles.”

Jonathan could feel Drew bumping his seat and asked, “What are you doing?”  Drew said, “I’m being silly.”

Drew then kept putting his feet up on the back of Jonathan’s seat and then blowing at his feet and saying, “I’m blowing my feet down.”  He would then move his feet down and replay the same action repeatedly.

Luke was crying last night in the car, and Will said, “Lukey, stop talking.  I want to talk.”  I gave Luke his pacifier which quieted him; and then Drew said, “Now, you can talk.”


One thought on “L.O.L.

  1. Bambi

    Your little boys are so cute! I love when kids say cute things. You can’t help but laugh sometimes! I’m celebrating with you on the potty training thing. Arianna has finally decided to use the potty this weekend. I decided to get rid of the baby potty and have her use the “big potty” and she loves it! Hooray!

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