Naughty Nephews!

I had some good laughs when an elderly lady from our church told me about what happened when she watched her three nephews for a couple of days while her sister was in the hospital.  It sure puts my own boys’ naughtiness into perspective!  She found one nephew climbing the inside of the chimney.  Another time, she found them trying to fish with a fishing rod in her fish tank.  The 19-month-old got his head stuck under the DR hutch.  Her neighbor lady called because one of the boys was stuck up in the neighbor’s tree.  This lady had two girls and said that boys are definitely a different story.  Isn’t that the truth!  🙂

Spilled Milk!

I forgot to close the latch on our fridge door so the boys decided to pour their own milk.  I heard the sound of liquid pouring and immediately ran to investigate.  The boys had emptied the rest of the milk jug all over the floor.  Out came the mop and bucket.  Really, mothers of young children ought to have the cleanest floors because the dirt doesn’t have long to sit with all the mopping we do.  🙂

Will, the Librarian

Yesterday when we went to the library, Will wanted to help me check out the books.  He did a great job and was complimented by the librarian.  The only difficulty we had was when we tried to recheck out a book that we had already checked out.  That confused the system and everyone until we figured out what the problem was.

L-Son Crawls!!!

L-Son is crawling now though it is slow and not very coordinated.  It is a combination of army crawl and regular crawl and scooting.  Funny to see at times!  My baby is growing!  (sniffle… sniffle… I am going to miss having a “baby” around…  trying to savor each of these moments of having a baby still)


Last Saturday while we were traveling in the car to my parents’ to drop off the boys, Drew started talking about alligators.  He said the alligators are eating the horses.  He then said the alligators were in the trees we were passing.  We asked him what they were doing.  He said they were “eating that.”  Jonathan asked what “that” was.  Will said that they were eating a lion.  Amazing imaginations!