Little Boyz…

Boys are such a different specimen or creature or whatever you want to call them.  (I don’t mean that negatively because I appreciate their differences from the female gender.)  Right now, the boys are playing their version of sword fighting and wrestling and police men.  Very amusing!  On Sunday, I saw a prime example of the gender differences.  The little girls were sitting around after the lesson coloring on their hand-outs while the boys were being intercepted from attempting wrestling matches, make-believe basketball games, and “bump off the log” games.  I heard comments like this from the three and four year old boys, “You the baseball man” as they thumped each other on their chests.  They sounded like high school boys they way they said.  Boyz…!  What more can I say!

2 thoughts on “Little Boyz…

  1. Hey Amy,

    I found your blog! Are you going to change the name if the Lord decides to give you a girl? 🙂

    My one boy keeps me running all day long. I simply can’t imagine three of him.

  2. mommyofboyz

    Michelle, I guess I will have to change the name if I have a girl. Right now, it works though. I think I will need a name that includes “Grace” in it because I need God’s grace to have any more. I need His grace now. At one point today, I could only hold Luke and comfort him from crying and cry out to God with tears in my eyes, for His help. I am not one to just sob or lose control, but inwardly, there are times that I wonder how I am going to get through anything more. So, on my way to the grocery store, I cried out to God as well. I need His help so much, particularly when I am physically depleted too.

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