Potty Training Perils

Potty training!!!  Ugh!  We started potty training our one son a year ago.  We still are potty training.  We took a break and started back up this summer.  Our son has the capabilities but not the willingness or desire to go potty.  He would much rather go in his Pull-ups, underwear, or diapers.  We keep trying to tell him that it is part of life and growing up.  He will have to learn to go potty and on his own.  Any suggestions?

3 thoughts on “Potty Training Perils

  1. Julia

    You said he would rather go in pullups, diapers, etc. Does he mind the wet/messy feeling if he goes on himself? Have you tried just having him “bare” around the house? Maybe that would make it more uncomfortable for him and give him some motivation to use the potty. Sorry if I’m stating something obvious – you have probably tried everything! I wish you success!!

  2. Amy – potty training is hit or miss! There’s no way to predict how well or “un”well they will do! Josh – the one who I thought would be terrible at potty training got it in 2 weeks! I was amazed! I guess that isn’t really encouraging… sorry…

    Just wanted to encourage you to persevere. One day, we will all be free of diapers and missing every moment of their toddlerhood!

  3. mommyofboyz

    Knowing my son, this will be a long battle, but eventually he will finally realize that in order to “win,” he has to do it Mommy and Daddy’s way.

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