Prayerful Response

Last night as we were driving home from church, we came across two different situations that were dangerous and difficult.  Will’s response was to immediately start to pray for the people involved.  The first situation was going through the tunnel, and the opposing traffic was stopped because a truck had broken down in its lane.  The traffic behind him was stopped because there was only one lane for each oppposing lane of traffic.  It was difficult to get a truck through to fix the truck that had broken down because they had to shut down our lane of traffic then.  The second situation was a highway worker who started moving cones into the lane of traffic, getting rid of one lane — the lane in which we were driving.  Since there were no signs, there was no warning.  All of a sudden, we had this guy walking into our lane, carrying a cone.  It was neat to hear Will respond to these situations by immediately wanting to pray.