Brakes, Tires, & Squeals, Oh My!!

Well, today we had our tires on our minivan looked at and priced.  We knew they were getting to the end of their “life” so there wasn’t any surprise on this.  Once again, I took time this morning to check Consumer Reports regarding tire quality, to find out what size tire our minivan uses, and then to price tires.  We also discovered that we don’t need to have anything done on the brakes.  After all that pricing and calling around, a friend told us that he didn’t see any evidence for needing to replace our pads and rotors.  He did recommend a brake specialist looking at the brakes.  We did.  They agreed with our friend so we don’t need to spend any $ on brakes. Yeah!

It is very interesting trying to talk to auto mechanics on any details when I am being interrupted by a baby crying, Drew crying because his big brother hit him, then the boys crying because they wanted snacks, then needing to intercept them because they got into snacks without permission.  Whew!  Never a dull moment…!

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