Singing Sons

My boys love to sing!  Yesterday in the car, Drew was singing Jesus Loves the Little Children.  Later that day, he also sang Happy Birthday to himself, then to Will, and finally to Daddy.  Will could also be heard singing, “Jesus loves me.  Jesus is in my heart.  Jesus is in my heart… Jesus is in my heart…”  How precious!

Deceptive Desitin

This past Saturday, Will kept saying that he needed sun lotion to go outside.  I told him that was true but that we weren’t going outside right then.  I checked to make sure the suntan lotion was out of his reach.  It was still.  When he said the same thing again, I decided to check on him.  Sure enough, mischief…!  He was covered in white stuff — it looked like suntan lotion, but it was Desitin.  I had to clean the sticky white stuff off his face, hands, and clothing.