Modesty Mishaps

Today was one of those days when I just had to shake my head and say, “All in the life of little boys!”  As I was getting ready to leave the ladies’ Bible study and was finishing buckling Son-D into the stroller, another lady came out of the ladies’ bathroom and asked me if I had a diaper for my son.  She said that he told her that his mommy was bringing him a diaper.  A bit surprised I said that I didn’t even know he was in the bathroom and was getting ready to get him from his play area at the gym.  (He is watched there, the younger boys are watched in the nursery, and I get to attend the Bible study.)  Apparently, Son-W1 got “loose” and decided to go potty on his own.  I quickly went into the restroom and saw him standing at the sink, washing his hands.  That was innocent enough, but his pants were still around his ankles, and his clean diaper was lying on the sink counter.  No modesty in a three year old!  The ladies were chuckling at my little boy who very innocently stood uncovered while washing his hands.  His hands were very clean!!!  Oh dear!  I guess that we need to focus more on modesty now.  I did try to address it, but I don’t think he understands why he should be “modest.”  Never a dull moment!

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