Gardening, Garbage, and Growing Things

Today, the boys and I had fun planting two potted plants, picking up garbage from our lawn, cleaning up leaves from our storage door, weeding, and then playing on the swing set. Drew can now climb up the rock wall by himself to the sliding board. I guess he improved his climbing skills overall from learning how to climb out of his crib.

What a glorious day it is today! Everything is green, blue, or sunshine yellow! Whenever I weed, I often think of a devotional Jonathan once shared at our old church on weeds in relationship to our spiritual lives. Every day activities often produce some of the deepest spiritual lessons. Jesus’ parables were always regarding something practical from His listeners’ daily lives. May I be in tune to the Spirit’s teaching, transforming the mundane of the daily to the glory of eternal truths being made evident in my life!

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