Running Rascals

I had an interesting morning with the boys.  Luke had his 4-month doctor’s apt. today.  He weighs 16 pounds 12 ounces, is 25 inches long, and has a head circumference of 17 inches.  Big boy!

The “bigger” boys behaved okay at the doctor’s.  Will walked off at the end though.  After that, I had to pick up a book from a local church.  From there, I went to the library to drop off books and get new ones.  At first, all was fine — boys played nicely, and I read to them.  Then, Drew decided it looked like more fun to escape from the kids’ reading area.  Will thought it looked like fun too so he took off running the opposite way.  Ugh!!!  I grabbed Drew and buckled him back into the stroller then went looking for Will.  (Luke was still buckled in the stroller.)  I found Will hiding out in the librarian’s office.  We left immediately.  Two little rascals were corrected as soon as we reached the car.  We then stopped at the dry cleaners to drop off Jonathan’s suit in preparation for his upcoming speaking engagement this Sunday.  On the way home, we saw a toddler park so I decided to let the boys play for 1/2 an hour and run off some energy.  That was fine until the boys decided to run up a hill that I had explicitly told them to not run up.  As soon as they ran off, I nabbed them and immediately buckled them into their car seats.  We left for home for corrections, then lunches, and finally naps.  What rascals!!  No wonder, I don’t often take them out places.  Going out is normally an embarrassment and results in corrections.  Not much fun!