Overheard Conversation

This evening, after Jonathan and I had put the boys to bed, we overheard the following conversation between the boys:

Drew was talking…  Will said, “Be quiet, Drew.”  Drew said, “I want Mommy.”  Will said, “Mommy’s not here.”  Drew asked, “Mommy bye-bye?”  Will said, “Mommy not go bye-bye.”  Drew asked again, “Mommy go bye-bye?”  Will replied, “Mommy not go bye-bye.  Mommy’s downstairs working.”  Drew said, “I want to see Daddy.”  Will answered, “Daddy’s downstairs working too.  He’s prob-bly on the co-puter.”  Drew replied, “Oh.”  Will added, “Daddy doesn’t have to go to work today because it’s Saturday (meaning tomorrow is Saturday).” Will said, “You have to be quiet, Drew.”  [More was said, but we can’t remember all that the boys said.  It was funny to overhear the boys conversing and talking about the work we do.]