I never realized how disgusting little boys can be until I became a mom.  My brother was never this disgusting though my sisters have shared some pretty disgusting stories of what their boys have done.  This was my disgusting morning: awoke to sounds of banging around.  Checked on the boys.  Will said he was poopy.  I got out the changing table and started to change him.  I soon saw he had diarrhea.  I finally got him cleaned up from the first mess and as I was finishing he started going more and more and more.  Yuck!  My changing pad was gross and so was he!  Thankfully, Jonathan was home so he helped me carry Will on an old towel to the potty to sit on it.  We gave him books and told him to not get down.  In the meantime, I cleaned up the changing pad.  I then locked Drew in his bedroom with some toys so I could nurse the baby.  Checked on Will first and reminded him to stay on the potty.  He seemed content — especially when I gave him his basket with books.  I started to nurse Luke.  I could hear the sounds of the toilet flushing and Will getting down so I quickly popped Luke off and ran to check on Will.  Will was off the toilet, the toiled was clogged with toilet paper, “stuff” was smeared on the toilet, the basket was ripped apart, and as I took him into the bedroom to clean up and the “rest,” I was greeted with another disgusting sight.  Drew had pooped and removed his dirty diaper.  It was sitting the floor, he was covered in poop, there were pieces of poop lying around the floor, and who knows where else.  Those are the moments when you want to scream.  Both boys got dumped in the sink to be hosed down and bathed.  Then, I had to clean up the bedroom mess.  The bathroom still needs to be addressed.  Yes, I am taking a quick break while feeding the boys breakfast.  So now I need to find time to clean the bathroom, then dress, and finally move on with my day.  I think I am going to laugh if my boys ever have children and have to clean up such messes!  The things we do as moms…!


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