A Three Year Old Vacuums

I have been feeling miserable the past two days as I have been getting over another round of mastitis.  As a result, I asked Will if he would vacuum the family room carpet for me.  (We are supposed to have company tomorrow.)  He said, “Yes.”  I set up the vacuum cleaner and moved furniture around for him, but he vacuumed the family room carpet and kitchen floor.  He did a good job.  I told him that I was very proud of him.   He said, “Mommy, thank you for training me.”  Wow!  There are times that they really come off with something that indicates some truth is taking “root” in their hearts.


One thought on “A Three Year Old Vacuums

  1. Once I discovered that my daughter found vacuuming to be fun, I bought her a vacuum of her own so that she could “play” with it whenever she wants. I got her a lightweight handheld with a long power cord so she can vacuum the stairs, but doing under the couch is her favorite which is a real treat for me. It’s the best “toy” I have ever gotten her!

    This is the vacuum I got: http://wize.com/vacuums/eureka-71av-bagless-handheld-vacuum/50889#t=5145

    I would definitely consider getting one (or more) for your boys. They’ll love it!

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