Mommy Manners: “You Can Dress Her Up, But You Can’t Take Her Out!”

The above saying is so true about me — many times!  I can’t tell you how many times that my skills at eating quickly while trying to nurse my baby or feed the boys or do dishes or cook, etc… has “backfired” on me while I have had to eat in a normal, relaxed environment.  If I am a little sloppy while eating around my kids or running around meeting their needs, no one is around to care (with suppers being the exception since Jonathan is home then).  Ah!  But then come those rare occasions when I need to eat in a mannerly fashion among other adults or eat in a more formal situation with Jonathan.  Suddenly, I am appalled at my eating habits or lack thereof.  I wonder if they offer courses at colleges (for free, of course) on Mommy Eating 101…?  Oh yes, so back to last night…  Well, there we were enjoying our lovely meal, and I was dressed nicely and feeling much more attractive than my normal “around the house” attire.  My feelings of attractiveness were quickly destroyed just as if someone had taken a needle to a balloon.  Yup… those feelings of attractiveness are fleeting, illusive, or rare.  So there I was sitting around enjoying feelings of satisfaction over a full stomach, tasty meal, and the opportunity to chat with Jonathan without interruptions — except for the wait staff — when Jonathan gently commented that I might want to check my shirt.  With trepidation, I glanced down and saw that my blouse and jacket were covered in pizza sauce.  Apparently when I had moved my plate to the back of the table, I had brushed against my front and covered myself in sauce.  So much for looking nice!  I felt like my two-year-old…  (No offense, Drew!)  I did still enjoy my date, and it provided Jonathan and I with lots of laughs.


2 thoughts on “Mommy Manners: “You Can Dress Her Up, But You Can’t Take Her Out!”

  1. mommyofboyz

    Thanks, Ang! Well, we can either cry. scream, or laugh at the embarrassing and stressful moments in our lives. I think that I would prefer to laugh about them, and remember my blessings. Glad you enjoyed the story!

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