Miscreant Mice

Mice have been visiting us every day!  Yesterday, I let out a scream when I came into my kitchen and saw a mouse scampering over my stove. Ugh!  Once they “find” my house, they seem to take advantage of every space.  So far, I have had to clean under my kitchen sink, stove, pantry closet, the boys dresser drawer, the laundry room, and the kitchen windowsills, my kitchen hutch, etc…  Ugh!!  Pray these critters get caught and soon.


One thought on “Miscreant Mice

  1. Angela

    I remember my mice problems – and they probably were not the last of them. Whew! All those dishes to wash over and over again. I finally let them sit over my counters, stove, and table for a few weeks!

    That must be difficult, especially with young ones! I know you are busy.

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