Dangerous Household Pollutants

My husband just showed me an article by Dr. Joyce M. Woods, called Know Your A.B.C.’s. I have heard this information from various sources, and it has been validated. In a nut shell, women who work in the home have a 54% percent higher chance of developing cancer than those who work outside the home. The reason: household pollutants, such as the following: Lysol Disinfectant, Bleach, VO5 Hair Care, Clairol Nice and Easy Hair Coloring, Cover Girl Make up, Crest toothpaste, pesticides, to name a few. The list is lengthy, but includes many other products. This definitely concerns me as I use bleach and Lysol all the time. My question is, “How do I get rid of mold, body fluids, and other contaminates without using these cleaners? I should probably be buying more vinegar and trying that in our laundry. I also heard of baking soda. I found that these products don’t clean our toilet bowl very well though. I wonder if they disinfect from germs either. Any helpful suggestions anyone?


3 thoughts on “Dangerous Household Pollutants

  1. Angela

    I also regularly use Hydrogen Peroxide and Alcohol. These are strong, but healthy. If you must use the other harmful products, make sure to use gloves… though I believe the toxins do still infiltrate the air as well as skin.

  2. mommyofboyz


    Thanks for the input! I am definitely going to have to check into these other methods. How about cleaners that remove stains from clothing?


  3. Jennifer

    Hey, girl…

    I use Shaklee’s Basic H. Peroxide works as a bleaching agent. I wash the toilets, bathroom sinks, and kitchen sinks everyday with Basic H and microfiber cloths, and that seems to prevent the need for stronger chemicals. Simple Green is slightly better for you and more available. Microfiber is naturally antibacterial (with just water!). Clothing…I just use water, elbow grease, and oxyclean if necessary. The more worrisome chemical is the detergent (since you wear it next to your skin…).


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