A.K.A. Half-Raccoon — Sleep Or Not?

I am starting to think that I am half-raccoon with the dark semi-circles underneath my eyes.  They have become a facial feature of mine.

Last night, Luke slept through the night, but I was up three times with Will and Drew.  I am starting to imagine sleeping since I don’t believe a full or satisfactory night’s sleep exists in real life.  😉  My bed is like floating on clouds, and my pillow…?  Ah!  My head sinks blissfully into it, I close my eyes, and I am asleep.  But wait…!  I am awake, my kids are up and running around, but at least, they are dressed and fed — something I can’t completely say about myself.  So instead of writing more, I will get a shower and maybe feel a little more awake.  Adrenaline is a wonderful hormone!

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