My Birthday

Yesterday was my birthday. My parents and sister J came to celebrate. My mom made lasagna, salad, and cake for supper. She also watched the boys so I could grocery shop without them. I was also able to stop at a thrift store and buy a good pair of black pants, two comfy exercise pants, and a tee-shirt. I needed some comfy pants but didn’t want to spend the full prices of a department store. I also needed a good pair of black pants. I prayed before buying that the Lord would help me find a good deal on these items. He did! I was able to find these items at thrift store prices; plus, they were half off. Nice! I love our thrift store!

My birthday evening was spent cleaning the kitchen, getting the boys ready for bed, and then unwrapping presents. Jonathan had my presents wrapped very tastefully, awaiting me. I didn’t feel like unwrapping the presents because they looked so nice. 🙂

My birthday evening came complete with snow and ice! It makes me glad to be home.


One thought on “My Birthday

  1. Marla Marzinke

    I just got finishing reading your blog and it enjoyed reading it and have more to know what to pray for you guys. We had mice in the basement last year and we have been catching some in the basement. I really can not stand the little critters especially if they come inside, but then Holly Wooler has told me a few stories so Ihave nothing to complain about, but I will pray that you can get rid of them. Glad you had a nice birthday, although tiring what day for a mom is not tiring. Well I have been enjoying reading Proverbs because I have been searching for wisdom to help with being a godly mother. Well have a good weekend.

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